Permits & Licenses

  • Zoning Permits (for new structures, additions etc)

    The Town of Lisbon is Zoned and requires permits.

    Any new structure or addition to a structure requires a permit.  Please contact our Zoning Administrator, Lynn Willard, at 608-547-1908 for further information.  Please keep in mind that permits may differ depending on the zoning of your property (Ag/Open, Commercial, Residential).


    Fee Schedule 

    If you are making interior improvements (example: kitchen remodel), no permit is required.  Additionally, a permit is not required for a new roof or siding.  

  • Burning Permits

    Burning Permits (no cost) are required in the Town of Lisbon and can be obtained at the website below. You must check the burning permit restrictions (same website) each time you burn.

    After a permit has been issued, the Sheriff’s Dept. must be notified before starting the fire (847-5649).

    Property owners are responsible for payment of fire calls to their property.

  • Dog Licenses
    All dogs kept in the Town of Lisbon must be licensed annually. License fees are $3.00 for spayed or neutered and $8.00 for male or female. A $5.00 late fee is charged for dogs licensed after April 1st. A copy of the current rabies certificate is required before a license can be issued.
    Fee for dog licenses can now be included on same check as your taxes.
  • Driveway Permit

    You must obtain a permit before a new driveway can be installed.  Please email to make an appointment with our Road Patrolman.  Please include your name, parcel #, and phone #.  

    Driveway Access Standards